Good News, and Bad

5th November 2014

Royal Bank of Scotland plans to retain Ulster Bank.

National Australia Bank plans to sell Clydesdale.

Royal Bank of Scotland plans to sell Citizens Bank.

Royal Bank of Scotland drops its price on Citizens Bank by USD 2b.
Zut Alors.

Barclays Bank provides £500m for foreign currency manipulation, RBS £400m and HSBC £378m.

HSBC to axe 4,000 jobs in the UK
That’s bad.

Barclays Bank can achieve 5% leverage target, not only 3%
Is that good or bad?

British Banks; per head of population the most fined banks for regulatory breaches in the world
That’s not good.

Monte Dei Paschi, the world’s oldest bank (1472) fails stress test
That’s sad, they were doing so well and for so long too.

Permanent TSB in Ireland fails stress test
Not surprising, the government sold off the profitable bit.

Ulster Bank retained by Royal Bank of Scotland
That’s bad

Clydesdale Bank to be sold by National Australia Bank
Bad; there goes the capital

Fines on British Banks show strong regulator

Fresh perspective on British Banking
Now, that would be a good idea; wouldn’t it?

Simon Jaquiss