Our Services

QA Legal is a trading style of Butterworth Solicitors, DFG Solicitors, and Balfour Manson LLP

Across the broad spectrum of financial claims, the members of QA Legal have considerable experience and expertise dealing with the following areas;

Financial Claims Advice - Whatever the Nature of the Claim

  • The complexity of products and the language that surrounds them can be confusing and troublesome. Breaking down this complexity into understandable terms is an essential part of looking into a potential claim
  • Understanding the various routes that can be pursued in terms of reaching for compensation or redress can be a minefield in itself, whether it is through the Financial Ombudsman Service, the FCA, or through the court’s process
  • We are experienced in all areas of financial services mis-selling and grievances with the banks including pensions and investments, packaged bank accounts, and high fee charges.

If you are looking for advice on where to turn and which route to take, get in touch and speak to our experts.

Interest Rate Swaps

  • The team has considerable experience having been involved in the mis-selling of interest rate hedging products for over 6 years.
  • We are currently running a number of cases which are at various different stages; some are issued and going to court, others in the early fact find stages
  • The expertise of the legal team and product specialists places us in a pre-eminent position in pursuing the best outcome for our clients
  • We help clients through the FCA review and redress process by protecting the client’s best interests and negotiating optimal outcomes
  • We help formulate consequential loss claims

If you have an interest rate hedging product, and wish to either pursue a claim against the bank, simply understand the impact it has had on your business, or ensure that you have not over-paid on your loan and swap combined, get in touch with us and speak to our experts.

Swaps Review Process

  • We help clients through the FCA review and redress process by protecting the client’s best interests, presenting the case in the best possible light, and negotiating optimal outcomes
  • We protect clients against the Statute of Limitation, agree ‘stays’ with the bank and negotiate suspension of swap payments where appropriate.
  • We help calculate direct and indirect losses, and ensure the broadest consideration of claims
  • We hold client’s hands through the process and help them navigate the waters of the review process

The review process is finally gathering a head of steam. If you wish to have professional representation at meetings, in order to progress your claim in the fullest detail, and increase your chances of optimal compensation, get in touch and speak to our experts

Tailored Business Loans

  • We are actively helping clients pursue claims against banks that sold Tailored Business Loans
  • We have been successful with the Financial Ombudsman Service, getting previous decisions over-turned
  • We provide litigation services against the bank
  • Our experience of Tailored Business Loans is unrivalled

If you are looking for advice on where to turn and which route to take, get in touch and speak to our experts.

Commercial Loan Problems

  • We are experienced in representing clients who have a grievance with their bank relating to a commercial loan or mortgage
  • Common problems we deal with include reneged loan commitments, changed loan terms, for example increased margins or enforced repayment, and unexpected fee charges

QA Legal is a niche association of legal firms and individuals. The solicitors, barristers and financial services professionals within it cover all mis-selling claims and any grievances against the banks. We are specialist, but approachable, thoroughly professional but easy to speak to. Whatever the problem, we can provide a plain common sense approach with practical help, backed by true expertise. QA Legal is not a claims management company. Help, advice any any action relating to complaints or legal action will be undertaken by one of the solicitor companies.